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Euthanasia-The Process

We can be anywhere that you and your friend are comfortable...inside, yard, couch, floor, bed.  My hope is that your pet will not be stressed and will feel comfortable wherever you may wish for us to be.  
The first step is administering a very strong anesthetic injection which also has a strong anti-anxiety component.  The peacefulness of the sedation can work as quickly as a minute or may take up to 15 minutes with the average being around 5 minutes.  You may notice some sniffing at the air, licking of the lips, full body relaxation.  
Once the proper level of sedation is reached, a second injection will be administered.  The second injection will slow the heart to a stop and stop respiration, painlessly and within a few seconds to a few minutes.  I will listen with a stethoscope to confirm the passing.  
At this time, some people would like a few minutes alone to say goodbye and I can step outside to allow you the privacy that you wish and others prefer not to have this time as it is too hard.  If I am assisting with the aftercare of your friend, I will either wrap your pet in a blanket or I may need to retrieve the stretcher to take your friend to the car for transportation to the crematorium.  West Coast Pet Memorial will proceed with either an Individual Cremation (if you would like to keep ashes) or a Communal Cremation (if you do not wish to keep ashes).