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In-Home Euthanasia
Saying goodbye....
One of the most difficult decisions you may every have to make.  Unfortunately, this is the hard part of having a pet.  It is difficult knowing that a pet's last moment may be on a cold, steel table in a place that they never liked or even hated.  In-home euthanasia can make this difficult moment a little easier.  You and your pet won't have to take that dreaded "last visit" to the vet.  Your friend won't be scared.  Your buddy will be in the comfort of home surrounded by love.  You can have a private moment with your family and friend.  I can help make this transition more peaceful for you and your pet.  I can also arrange for the transportation and cremation, if you wish.  I also provide Quality of Life exams for those that are struggling with knowing if it is the right time or not.


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